FMP: Brochure for crafting narratives

I intend to deliver explicit narrative via the props I made. So the package design is responsible for telling audiences this is a real product with all its detailed info on the back, the leaflet specifically crafted for fetching the idea of the usage of the product, but the identity of the company PANDORA is not that clear. Then a brochure is made to build the visual identity, the insight, the basic intro and the main purpose of promoting their products, hope it could tell the background of this future technology company.

(*Some images are online resources, and they will not be used for commercial purpose. It is a student project, email me if you find it inappropriate.)

#covers  the consistency of the visual identity

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FMP: Leaflet for crafting narratives

This leaflet is specifically created for the exhibition. Because the exhibited items are 3d printing objects and a package, the story they can provide is very limited. To make my narrative to be explicit, I make this leaflet to fetch audiences with the concept of the future company PANDORA, the visual identity of PANDORA, the slogans, and the products. So, I hope audiences can retain better understandings of my project.

Leaflet: outside


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