SD: Interface Politics Conference exhibiting works

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I exhibit my works in the Interface Politics Conference in Barcelona. This project is related to the speculative design, and the context of it fit in the post anthropocene ( post anthropocene is the age that human beings are no longer the centre of the earth, in this context, picture a future scene based on scientific research and imaginary fiction. ).  I start with the idea of the conspiracy of genetically modified food, cause the policies towards it is not transparent enough. People are kind of living in a horror that the everyday food they have taken for granted maybe actually poison them, the consumers actually have the absolute right to know about things they have taken in. What I hope is to provoke people to ask for the truth of the GM food.

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SD: printing out works


1 Staffs can help you print out some samples, so you may be able to check the color, if it is alright.

2 Think about how you gonna present your work, you can save a bit of the bleed as the picture frame(maybe…).

3  Do not make your printing appointment at the last one, cause if it goes wrong, there is no turning back.

SD: mock up presentation

“The True Truth”

I am going to deliver an artefact reflects how people of three different hierarchies react to the effect of GMO in the post anthropocene. In the future, due to the influence of the climate change, global warming, water shortage, deforestation and so on, genetically modification is widely used for crops to suffer from the dystopian world. However, GM food has more and more deadly side effect, even kills people. So, different products are invented to help people survive from eating these foods.


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