FMP: Iterate and Reiterate


Feedback from Ben and Eva:

I struggle for a long time on the looking of my props, but they still are not ideal enough.

Ben told me that he think the looking of my props should be based on the narratives I create. So he think he still can relate my props to current things, and sort out what it is. The things I create should at least tell various possibilities from the looking, people don’t know how it functions and what the interaction is.

Eva fetches me ideas on the looking as well. She also think the Psychotherapy Board looks like an Ipad is not convincing for my project, because the props I made should relate affordance or signification for audiences or users. Even an artificial psychotherapist should cater to the essence of this job.

I agree with their feedbacks. My mindset of industrial design guides me a wrong way heading speculative design. I am somehow doing product design. But If I need to sort out the possible behaviour, habits or interactions of human beings might happen in the future, it is necessary for me to read through all thesis related to anthropology, the history of digital technology, books about the development of technology in this age and all other critics on this subject. It is unrealistic to do it in the current stage and I am also not capable of doing it in the position of a art student.

I guess I need to continue looping iteration. ;<




#2 Psychotherapy Board


#3 Wind of Memory


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