FMP: Notes of ‘Embedded beings: how we blended our minds with our devices’

This piece of article is written by Saskia K Nagel, it talks about how nowadays technology blends us in the environment and how we become ‘technologically embedded beings’. She have got some interesting point when relating her ideas to the history of subconsciousness manipulation, law of human privacy and her concern to the human image. This article is available at:

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FMP: the artificial heart continued to beat after the patient had died

This artificial heart completely replaces the human heart in people with end stage heart disease and a life expectancy of less than two weeks without the surgery. It is still under the trial stage. In some cases, the heart continued to beat after the patient had died and that “the medical team turned off the prosthetic device on confirmation of the patient’s death.

Transhumanist Zoltan Istvan  sees a future where “artificial hearts will be Wi-Fi-enabled and could be sped up with a smartphone to have wild sex when you want it and sped down to sleep better at night.”

There is however no demonstrable evidence that an artificial heart (or pacemaker for the matter) could be hacked. But the fear of course, is real. For example  in 2014,  former Vice President Dick Cheney revealed that his doctor ordered the wireless functionality of his heart implant disabled due to fears it might be hacked in an assassination attempt.

How close are we to the robotic human heart?

FMP: Cyborg Nest resets your orientation

It is quite an interesting article, it tells how a piece of tech that attaches to your body reflects an ancient sense of orientation. The ancient method is rooted in our traditions, spiritual life and history, but with the development of tech, these old things are abandoned by us. Instead we adopt new technological way to aid our life, now again we try to retrieve this sensation through practice given by wearable technology. Feeling odd or complicated in such retrospective condition?

Will these wearables finally make us cyborgs?

FMP: Study on “The theory of Evolution”

This is notes I have taken while studying the Theory of Evolution for my FMP, the studying source is on the BBC website, Life on Earth, Theory of Evolution.

  • Over many millions of years these molecules joined with other molecules, becoming gradually more complex and dependent on each other. The process of evolution by natural selection eventually led to all of the different living things that we see on Earth today.
  • The basic idea behind the theory of evolution is that all the different species have evolved from simple life forms.
  • Natural Selection:
    • Individuals in a species show a wide range of variation
    • This variation is because of differences in their genes
    • Individuals with characteristics most suited to the environment are more likely to survive and reproduce
    • The genes that allow these individuals to be successful are passed to their offspring

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