Arduino Workshop

Interesting arduino workshop! Instead of sitting and learning in the classroom, we finally have the chance to do some hands on work and step out of the class. The mission is encoding a message, then sending it to the next team, of course, the decoding part will be also handed to the next team. The message will be finally passed to reception desk of the front gate.


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CU: Receiving email from The Guide Dog 0218

So happy to hear from the Guide Dog, but bad news is they can not offer help to me. Maybe the reason why they refuse is I talk explicitly about my research object – the harness. Since I initially thought a research project is not convincing enough for them to help me, I also tell them about the final outcome I have pictured in mind, now it seems they  have much proper reason to reject my request in some way…

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CU: Project Proposal – research project of visually impaired person and guide dog

This project is a research based project which is seeking a way to investigate the intimate relationship between visually impaired person and the guide dog, also to explore the space existed in those two and the society.

Guide Dog Leading Owner --- Image by © Jim Craigmyle/Corbis
Guide Dog Leading Owner — Image by © Jim Craigmyle/Corbis

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Strange Telemetry Workshop

Georg throws a workshop for us to get start with speculative design, it is quite fun to get involved. The whole workshop makes me feel like become a new god of the new world, and be busy with creating new principles to make it run. What if this, what if that, what is going to happen then, what kind of domains will be affected, what kind of issues will be changed… Thinking of so many possibilities, we also need to think about the reason why, to make it logical, to make it viable.


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Project brief – Guide dog related

Project briefing – Guide dog related


This project initiates with an experience happened in the lift of a tube station. After getting in the lift, I stared blankly. But suddenly I heard someone said “forward, forward, forward”, I was so confused, then I looked back and found a dog walked leading a man, I was soon aware of that the man is a blind man. Outside the elevator, passengers were so confused since there were still space spare in the lift, but the blind man did not walk in. They actually can not see the guide dog in the lift.  The door closed, I noticed that the blind man put down the metal lead, and get a rope leading the guide dog. During the lift went up, the guide dog is so afraid that its legs were trembling due to the surrounded crowd and unfamiliar environment. When the lift arrived on the floor, the blind man repeated the action, dropped down a rope and picked up the metal lead. When leaving the station, staffs helped him access the special channel.


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