The affordance of Emotional Design

The affordance of Emotional Design

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Attractive things work better? Donald A. Norman put this idea in his book Emotional Design, he connects things’ appearance with performance. As he states, attractiveness produces positive emotions, causing mental processes to be more creative, more tolerant of minor difficulties. (2005, p. 60) He also raises Salif Juicy Lemon Squeezer, which is designed by French designer Philippe Starck, as an example to demonstrate how reflective level affect people’s behavioral and visceral level, so that even the squeezer works not quite well, but people still enjoy using it or simply purchase it as an ornament on shelf. However, when talking about affordance, the notion raised by Norman in his book The design of everyday things, Salif Juicy Lemon Squeezer is a low/hidden affordance object, because its weird look fails to signify its function, first-time user may not be able to use it properly. That is to say, in some extent, the negative effect of low affordance of the squeezer is reduced or neglected due to Starck’s subversal design? This essay mainly focuses on the discussion of the relationship between affordance and emotional design by using the case of lemon squeezer of Philippe Starck, attempting to figure out and create connection between two ideas, and also seeking a way to evaluate both.


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Guide dog

I stepped in the elevator, hearing someone said forward, forward, forward… I turned my head back, seeing someone slowly walked into the elevator with his guide dog. The dog is a little bit anxious, so that his master kept telling him to move forward, it was like, the guide dog is not quite sure about how much more he should step in, so he turned back to his master for the next signal. All people noticed this little creature, and tried making more space for him. However, people outside the elevator were confused about the empty space and wondered why the blind person did not walk in.


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Research Proposal Review

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Notion of the “Newtonian Science” can be summed up to “clockwork universe”. Antecedents like Galileo, Copernicus, Descartes, Bacon and Newton share the same mechanistic view, based on which they also develop their own theory(or give influential views), at the same time leading a way to the more complete physics working system. As the definition of “clockwork universe” says, In the history of science, the clockwork universe compares the universe to a mechanical clock. It continues ticking along, as a perfect machine, with its gears governed by the laws of physics, making every aspect of the machine predictable.(wikipedia)


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Notebooks [ Volume1]

#1 Nicolas – HCD Persona Homeworkimg001

This piece of note is some text recording and drawing for the “persona”. The person I interviewed is Anan, who is the cohort 14/15. This reminds me of that day, after meeting of the seminar presentation practice, I hurried to the studio and looked for someone could help me with the homework. Anan was so nice that she dropped his work and kindly offer help with my interview. We had a couple of talks about study and life here, at the same time I got to know more about my interviewer.

  • I actually made a mistake when doing the interview, I should use recording pen to record whole conversation and take notes at the same time. However, in quite a hurry, I forgot about it. So the notes I took on the notebook is abased on my memory.

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