PC: Crafting the watch idea!

watch rendering

My project is aiming at delivering a simulating experience for ordinary people to have the life of visually impaired person, since they are kind of isolated from this society, I hope this practice might give a clue to the public to focus less on inventing new technology that we think might make a change to their lives, but to care about them in a physical way, talk with them, have more direct contact with them.

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PC: Lost sense

We human use multi senses to get to know about this world in a cognitive way, so an object in your sense is a combination of shape, colour, sound,  smell, taste and feeling( memories). That is to say, all senses construct your knowing of that object, each sensory input links with the other,  to make this thing explicit, but if one of them is missing or disabled, you still can get a rough sensation of what it is.

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PC: A lonely spirit will go nowhere

Last term, in the collaboration unit, I have already done research on visually impaired person. Craig’s blog enables me to know much more about daily life stuff of people with sight loss, and I also deliver a empathy practice as my final outcome, but it is a pity it ends in research. So, in Physical Computing unit, I want to carry on the research and develop it into something physical and interactive.

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