FMP: Developing ideas, tu with Joe

I have got a tutorial with Joseph Popper, who used to run a filming workshop  in the class. He is so good at filming, making props and making his narratives explicit.

We talk about my project. The ideas he gives me are useful and put me on track now. 1 The narrative or context is definitely too broad; 2 My insight is to address audiences’ concern to current relationship and interaction with digital technology, there is no need to picture a whole new world of the future human being. Focus on the subject I am working on, try to exaggerate the “interface”; 3 He said, human beings now are closed minded and narrow sighted, focusing more and more on specific things, which is making us obtain less and less on our perception of this world.


The Construction of Experience : Interface as Content

Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World

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